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I have pretty dry skin so moisturizers are always the most important items in my daily skin care rontine. Having tried so many moisturizers, I've found 3 that are best for me. And I hereby recommend them for each girl with dry skin like me. more...

The effective ingredient of sunscreen is the combination of organic and inorganic active ingredients. Inorganic ingredients (e.g. zinc oxide or titanium oxide) reflect or scatter ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Organic ingredients (e.g. octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC) or oxybenzone) absorb UV radiation, dissipating it as heat. Some sunscreens protect your skin from the all two UV radiation. Both UV-A and UV-B cause sunburns and damaging effects such as skin cancer. more...

You probably have known how important sun protection is to prevent skin cancer. Enjoy your time outdoor if you follow our tips here: more...

To face the spring with your best skin forward, a simple four-step regimen is every woman will really need. more...

Winter weather decreases the circulation and perspiration of the skin. The skin's naturally shedding outer layer does not turn over in cold weather as fast as in warm weather. This results in a decrease of suppleness in the skin; it is drier and it feels rougher. more...

A simple approach to skin care makes sense in the summer, but there are also special challenges. You surely already know that you should wear sun protection daily to avoid premature aging and skin cancer, but you might not recognize the more immediate problems caused by heat and humidity. more...

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