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Shaving is the most commonly chosen and inexpensive way to remove unwanted hair. But carelessly shaving can cause skin irritations, especially if your skin is thin, dry or very sensitive. Here are some tips for a smooth shave:

  • Before shaving press a warm washcloth on your skin to soften the hair; or, shave after a warm bath or shower.
  • Shave dry skin can cause razor burn. Apply shaving cream, lotion or gel before shaving to protect and lubricate your skin.
  • Use a clean, sharp razor. If using an electric razor, don't use the closest setting, which can irritate the skin.
  • Shave in the same direction of hair growth, not against it.
  • Rinse your skin afterwards with warm water.
  • Use an after-shave lotion or moisturizer to soothe the shaved area.

If you do have an irritation situation, apply a lotion without ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol and alcohol-based products may make your feel cooling, but they don't really soothe irritated skin because the alcohol evaporates rapidly from the skin.

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Ahava Soothing After-Shave For Men
Ahava Soothing After-Shave Moisturizer For Men. Soothes razor burn.
List Price: $24.00 | Rate this product
Kiehl's Close-Shavers Shave Cream
Kiehl's Close Shavers shave cream is the ultimate men’s shave cream. Spiked with Menthol and Camphor, this superb cream formulation provides an incomparable skin effect for “Close Shavers,” of a quality heretofore unknown.
List Price: $15.99 | Rate this product
Ahava Deep Cleansing Gel For Men 3.4 oz.
Ahava Deep Cleansing Gel For Men prepares skin for shaving.
List Price: $17.00 | Rate this product
Tend Skin, 8 fl oz
Tend Skin calms razor burn, bumps and ingrown hairs in 24 hours. Just apply the lotion to legs, face, underarms, bikini area, face or neck and say goodbye to those ingrown hairs and shaving bumps. Great for men, too. Use as needed or daily to calms bumps from occurring.
List Price: $35.00 | Rate this product
Ahava After Shave Moisturizer for Men
Deeply hydrates your skin for long term moisturizing and skin protection. Specially enriched with Mineral Skin Osmoter, a most effective agent for the self-repair of the skin. Contains UV filter. Hypoallergenic.
List Price: $28.00 | Rate this product
Kiehl's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion
Kiehl's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion is a unique formulation that has been created for use after shaving or on oil-prone areas.
List Price: $16.99 | Rate this product
HeadLube Aftershave Moisturizer
Introducing HeadLube! An awesome moisturizing lotion specifically formulated for your scalp.
List Price: $8.95 | Rate this product
HeadSlick Shave Cream
HeadSlick is formulated to give the smoothest head-shave possible. Special lubricants allow blades to glide effortlessly along the skin.
List Price: $8.95 | Rate this product
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Shave Care Tips

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