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The great advantage of oily skin is that it ages at a slower rate than other skin types. Oily skin needs special cleansing with plenty of hot water and soap to prevent the pores from being clogged. Avoid harsh products that strip your skin of oil and encourage flakiness. They can cause a reaction known as reactive seborrhoea, where the oil glands work overtime to compensate for the loss of natural oils.

Avoid skincare products that leave your skin feeling taut and dehydrated. They cause the upper layers of the skin to shrink. This restricts oil flow through the pores leading to blockages and breakouts. To cleanse oily skin, use oil-based products as they dissolve sebum effectively. Opt for oil-free moisturizers to maintain a shine-free complexion. Choose cosmetic and facial care products specifically designed for oily skin. Before applying makeup, use an antiseptic day cream with active ingredients that diminish sebaceous secretions. Look for benzyl peroxide in the list of active ingredients. Use a light antiseptic night cream from time to time if you wish, and apply a clarifying mask one or two times a week.

Keep your skin very clean. Limit washing your face to two or three times a day. Too much washing will stimulate your skin to produce more oil. Choose your cleanser with care. Avoid heavy cleansing creams. Avoid the use of harsh soaps or cleansers. Use a pure soap with no artificial additives. Try an antibacterial cleansing lotion or a lightly medicated soap, and use it in combination with a water rich in minerals, not tap water. Do not use cleansers or lotions that contain alcohol. After cleansing, apply a natural oil-free moisturizer to keep the skin supple. When cleansing, massage your face well with your fingertips, using an upward and outward motion. Be careful not to rub soap into the skin; it can clog pores. Use hot water when washing your face. Hot water dissolves skin oil better than lukewarm or cold water. Try using a clay or mud mask. If you have sensitive skin, use white or rose-colored clays.

Oily Skin Care Tips:

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