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How to Properly Care for Men's Skin

Skin thatís soft, supple, and renewed is skin that looks young longer. So, if youíre serious about your youthful appearance, follow these simple rules to take care men's skin properly.

Cleanse your face before bed.

So what if you did a thousand squats after dinner? Consider this your last daily exercise. Let bacteria do its dirty work on your face overnight, and it'll only contribute to premature wrinkling.

Go to a pro.

If you have a serious skin problem, seek help from a professional, licenced aesthetician or dermatologist. I can sell you all the fancy skin care products you like, but I can't cure a skin disease ó and neither can your fitness instructor!

Use a three-step facial care plan.

Properly cleanse your face with warm water and a glycerin based soap. This will open your pores and prepare the skin for exfoliating. Next, remove dead surface cells with a gentle scrub. Finally, hydrate your face with a quality moisturizer.

Always cleanse before workouts.

Go to the gym with squeaky clean skin, and youíll "sweat clean" after exercising. This is particularly useful if you canít get to a sink or shower for a few hours. The salty, post-workout residue will be less damaging to your face.

Protect yourself from the sun.

Sure, this sounds like a natural, but youíd be surprised how few athletes include sunblock in their pre-workout regimens. If you ski, surf, or enjoy any other outdoor activity, always use an SPF 15 sports stick applicator around your lip and eye areas to prevent wrinkling. You can even use it on the tips of your ears and bald spots to ward off sunburns.

Drink plenty of water.

A minimum eight to ten glasses a day will keep your skin nicely hydrated.

No picking!

Frequent breakouts are not uncommon in people who train regularly. Athletes often spend a lot of time with sweat and bacteria on their faces. And this, of course, causes pimples. The temptation is to pick them away, but that leads to scarring. So hands off the zits, tough guy. Instead, treat yourself to a series of deep-cleansing facials.

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