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Basic Skin Care Guide

What to use, when to use it and why. We tell you everything you need to know for men skin care process.

Facial Wash
A soap-free gel that breaks down dirt, grime and excess oils and thoroughly cleans the skin without drying it out.


Keeping your skin clean is essential if you want to avoid blackheads, spots and oily shine.


  • Use a facial wash twice a day, it only takes a minute and can easily be done in the shower.
  • Use before shaving to cleanse the skin, remove impurities and soften the beard.
  • Use again at the end of the day to remove pollution, dirt and grime.
  • Massage into a wet face concentrating on the sides of the nose and the dip in the chin. Rinse off with running water.

Facial Scrubs
Similar to a facial wash, maybe a gel or lotion, but this time with small 'polishing' particles.


To remove dead skin cells and ingrained dirt and grime that can cause blockages. A scrub will also brighten the skin leaving it smooth and soft. It will also help to avoid in-growing hairs and shaving bumps.


Use two or three times a week in place of your facial wash. Massage in over a damp face and rinse off with running water.

A lotion or cream that replaces lost oils, protects and conditions the skin.


A moisturizer is essential to keep skin supple and smooth. It will help protect it from environmental aggressors, stop it from flaking and feeling tight and uncomfortable. A good quality moisturizer will help to keep your skin healthy and younger-looking.


Use in the morning after shaving and at night after washing, over the entire face and neck.

Aftershave Balms
A gel or cream used to soothe and calm the skin after shaving

If your skin is sensitive it may become irritated after shaving, especially on the neck.
A shaving balm contains ingredients to cool and calm the skin and to reduce shaving rash. They also help to heal any tiny nicks and cuts and moisturise the skin.

Use after shaving on the affected area.

A light, clear lotion that's used to remove excess oil, reduce shine and tone the skin.


A toner helps remove the excess oils that can cause clogged pores and blackheads. It also helps close the pores and refresh the skin, especially important if you suffer from oily or combination skin.


After shaving, splash a little toner on the face or soak a cotton pad and wipe over.

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