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How to Make Men's Skin Healthy

If the effects of late nights, smoking, poor diet or stress are showing on your skin, now's your chance to kick start a regime to get it back in shape. For skin that's supple, fit and glowing with health follow our skin detox regime.

Firstly the difficult bit:
Cut down, or better still give up alcohol for at least a week if not a month.

Increase your water intake to flush out toxins and improve kidney function. Keep a bottle of mineral water close by to regularly top up. Keeping hydrated makes a huge difference to your skin.

Check your diet and make sure you are getting 5 pieces of fruit or veg a day. A short cut is to stick some favourite fruits such as banana, pear, strawberries, blueberries etc with some yoghurt and honey into a blender and make a smoothie for breakfast. Also try to cut down on salt and saturated fat where you can.

Try to get some early nights - sleep does your whole body the power of good.

If you're a couch potato introduce some exercise into your life. (Put the TV in another room for a week - it works!). Exercise improves the circulation to help bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. It also reduces stress a major cause of wrinkles.

If you smoke STOP. Everyone knows that smoking harms the body but it also make the skin age much earlier than it biologically should.

Now the easy bit:
Give yourself a detox facial treatment once a week:

On clean shaven skin apply a little facial wash to suit your skin type. For oily or combination skin try Ahava Deep Cleansing Gel For Men 3.4 oz.. For skin with acne pronlem try Hydroviton.CR Liquid Normalizing Facial Soap and for sensitive skin try Truefitt & Hill Skin Control Daily Facial Cleanser. Massage it into the skin firmly. This will increase the circulation and bring nutrients to the skin cells. Rinse it off thoroughly with running water.

Apply a little facial scrub and massage over the entire face but do not rub too hard. For oily or combination skin try Robanda Exfoliating Facial Wash or Anthony Sport Face Scrub 6 oz.. Rinse off with running water. Blot the skin dry and apply a face mask over the face and neck avoiding the eyes and lips. Add a gel eye mask such as Gel Filled Eye Mask over the eye lids to reduce puffiness and drain toxins from under the eyes. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse the face mask off with running water.

Blot the skin dry and apply a little moisturiser. Massage this well into the skin using firm movements to increase the circulation.

Daily care to keep up the good work:

  • Use a high quality facial wash to clean your skin and remove impurities both in the morning and the night.
  • Use a protective moisturiser after shaving to keep your skin supple and fit.
  • Shave with a cream or gel that moisturises your skin and doesn't dry it out.
  • Use an eye cream or gel to protect the skin around the eyes.

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