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Some Q&A concerning man skin care.

Question: I had mild acne and went on Accutane when I was in my early twenties. I am now 28. The drug has left my skin dry and chapped. The skin under my eyes and on my cheeks is red, sensitive, rough to the touch, and scarred from acne. Is there anything I can do to reverse these effects?

Answer: I am a big fan of Accutane. It is a great medication for cystic acne. Unfortunately, as with any other medication, there are side effects that usually resolve over time. To smooth out your skin, you may want to discuss laser treatments with a dermatologist. If surgery doesn't interest you, consider using Brave Soldier Code Blue to help smooth out your skin. Also, Brave Soldier Lip Defender and Brave Face (which functions as a moisturizer) contain copper peptides, which may help with some of Accutane's side effects.

Question: I'm 16 and my skin is prone to acne, especially around my chin and nose. When I use Clearasil or Proactiv, my face either becomes too dry or very oily. Are any of your products good for my skin type? Or do I just have to live with it for now?

Answer: It sounds like you're taking good care of your skin. Unfortunately, at your age, it's not uncommon to have acne. Try a small application of Brave Soldier Code Blue once a day, after washing your face.

Question: I have very fine lines on the sides of my eyes: not too deep, more like the beginning of crow's feet. My forehead has much deeper recesses that are pronounced, especially when I frown. I currently use moisturizer, but should I consider eye cream instead? What about plastic surgery? Should I do it now or wait until things get worse?

Answer: Botox would be an excellent treatment for the lines on your forehead. Plastic surgery is definitely not the answer. I would also recommend an eye cream and not a facial moisturizer for those fine lines around your eyes. Eye creams are heavier than regular moisturizers and usually contain Vitamin A derivatives and other antioxidants that help to prevent premature signs of aging.

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