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Acne Treatments

Acne affects young men unconfident, but there are differences ways to care man acne skin care.

Clean Skin Gently

Most doctors recommend that people with acne gently wash their skin with a mild cleanser, once in the morning and once in the evening and after heavy exercise. Some people with acne may try to stop outbreaks and oil production by scrubbing their skin and using strong detergent soaps and rough scrub pads. However, scrubbing will not improve acne; in fact, it can make the problem worse. Patients should ask their doctor or another health professional for advice on the best type of cleanser to use. Patients should wash their face from under the jaw to the hairline. It is important that patients thoroughly rinse their skin after washing it. Astringents are not recommended unless the skin is very oily, and then they should be used only on oily spots. Doctors also recommend that patients regularly shampoo their hair. Those with oily hair may want to shampoo it every day.

Avoid Frequent Handling of the Skin

People who squeeze, pinch, or pick their blemishes risk developing scars or dark blotches. People should avoid rubbing and touching their skin lesions.

Shave Carefully

Men who shave and who have acne can test both electric and safety razors to see which is more comfortable. Men who use a safety razor should use a sharp blade and soften their beard thoroughly with soap and water before applying shaving cream. Nicking blemishes can be avoided by shaving lightly and only when necessary.

Avoid a Sunburn or Suntan

Many of the medicines used to treat acne can make a person more prone to sunburn. A sunburn that reddens the skin or suntan that darkens the skin may make blemishes less visible and make the skin feel drier. However, these benefits are only temporary, and there are known risks of excessive sun exposure, such as more rapid skin aging and a risk of developing skin cancer.

Choose Cosmetics Carefully

People being treated for acne often need to change some of the cosmetics they use. All cosmetics, such as foundation, blush, eye shadow, and moisturizers, should be oil free. Patients may find it difficult to apply foundation evenly during the first few weeks of treatment because the skin may be red or scaly, particularly with the use of topical tretinoin or benzoyl peroxide. Oily hair products may eventually spread over the forehead, causing closed comedones. Products that are labeled as noncomedogenic (do not promote the formation of closed pores) should be used; in some people, however, even these products may cause acne.

Anthony Logistics Nighttime Acne Treatment 1.6 oz
Anthony Logistics Nighttime Acne Treatment works all night to help prevent acne blemishes. Salicylic acid fries zits while amino acids help to create a natural moisture barrier on the skin, so you don't wake up to facial dust bunnies. Soybean extract repairs damaged surface cells. Applefruit and cola seed extract improve tone and texture. Algae extract normalizes excess oil production
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Nature's Cure Two-Part Acne Treatment Kit for Males
Nature's care is a unique, two-part acne treatment that works inside and outside your body to clear and prevent acne.
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Clearasil for Men - Acne Grooming Bundle
Clearasil for Men - Great looking skin, no extra hassle. Bundle includes: Skin Clearing Shave Gel for Acne-Prone Skin, Multi-Action Hair, Face, and Body Wash, Skin Clearing Aftershave Balm for Acne-Prone Skin, Energizing Acne Scrub for Acne-Prone Skin.
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AcnEase Body Acne for Athletes Treatment
AcnEase has been shown in clinical trials to completely cure 70% of subjects and to be effective in 95% of 15 to 30 years old. AcnEase has also been shown to be highly effective (over 80% response rate) in adults with chronic Adult Acne. AcnEase® is a unique acne treatment that addresses the internal causes of Acne, instead of covering up the external symptoms. Easy to swallow specially coated tablets are safe, and effective in treating both Facial and Body Acne.
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Anthony Logistics Acne Answer Kit
Give him the answer to all his acne problems.
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Zeno Acne Clearing Device
Zeno clears pimples in people with mild to moderate inflammatory acne. It is a hand-held, portable electronic medical device that is clinically proven to make pimples disappear fast.
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Men's Skincare Kit for Acne
You will like this kit if you have blemishes, ingrown hairs, break out, black heads or a history of acne.
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