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How to Care Your Dry Skin

Dry skin is common as skin loses moisture it cracks. The inherited form of dry skin is known as ichthyosis. Dermatologists often call dry skin in later life xerosis or asteatosis.

Dry skin looks dry, sometimes flakes, and often feels tight, especially if you have washed it with soap and water. Sometimes it is lacking some of the protective sebum and so it reacts to very hot and very cold weather by tightening up. Suggestion for dry skin care:

Dry Skin Care Length of Bath:

A brief shower is preferable to a prolonged one. Long showers or baths wash off the natural protective oils of the skin. A lukewarm tub-bath is acceptable, also; particularly if you like to put bath oil in the water. We recommended products: NaturalEffects Hydrating Body Lotion; Body Drench Daily Replenish Moisture Lotion

Dry Skin Care Cleansing:

Soaps and detergents remove the natural protective oils, leaving the skin dry and irritated. Avoid using them when possible. If cleansing really is necessary, Neutrogena dry skin soap, Purpose, Cetaphil, superfatted Basis, Usually, clear water will remove the dust and sweat that accumulates during winter weather. Soap is needed only in the odor-bearing areas, i.e., under the arms and in the groin-and these areas are not part of the dry-skin problem anyway. Particularly avoid excessive scrubbing of the outer parts of arms, legs and back.

Dry Skin Care Moisturizing:

Lotions and creams, such as Eucerin or Cetaphil are very good. Creams are heavier emollients. Eucerin is an excellent and inexpensive lubricating cream, but it contains lanolin which may irritate a few people. We recommended products: Dry Skin Moisturizer by Ahava;

Dry Skin Care Additional Suggestions:

  • Avoid standing in the path of heated air while drying after a bath or shower.
  • Do not allow the blower from a furnace or car heater to blow directly onto your skin. The hot, dry air makes your condition worse.
  • Avoid applications of alcohol, astringents, calamine lotion, powders or deodorant sprays. They tend to dry the skin.
  • Dab a little water on dry areas 2 or 3 times a day, and then apply one of the lubrications mentioned above, in addition to the "after-the-bath" applications.
  • Do not smoke. Smoking has a harmful effect on the skin for several reasons. Nicotine constricts the blood vessels, including the tiny capillaries that serve the skin. This deprives the skin of the oxygen and nutrients it needs for good health. Smoking also can make the skin dry and leathery.

The general rule of thumb when using moisturizers is "the oilier, the better." Oil-based moisturizers work better than water-based moisturizers because they won't evaporate and can trap the water better. Furthermore, water-based moisturizers contain alcohol and may dry the skin when used repeatedly.

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