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Dry Skin Care

Dry skin is caused by the oil glands failing to secrete enough oil to protect the skin, leaving it flaky, irritable, sore and thin.

It is still possible to use the three step daily regime and there are many products on the market to assist. As many natural ingredients as possible will be most beneficial.

Firstly, cleansers should be gentle, with added Moisturizers to re-hydrate the skin, and any soaps used should be perfume free. A gentle cream cleanser would be more appropriate, containing fruit bases for example pineapple, peach or melon.

Secondly, toning can simply be achieved by splashing the face in cold water, or gently wiping the skin with rose water.

Finally, moisturising is the most essential aspect of dry skin care as this re-hydrates the skin to act as a protective shield. Again non perfumed products are recommended as not to irritate delicate skin. Products for example cocoa butter, shea butter, after sun and olive extracts are the most recommended for dry skin care use.

For bodily dry skin care it is recommended to bathe in a moisturising cream bath or oil bath, or when showering to use moisturising based gels and lotions. Once the skin is dried, by patting the skin, smother inner hydrating moisturiser, paying particular attention to knees, elbows and upper arms as these are the most common areas affected by dry skin.

Products aside, a well balanced diet, including oily fish, green vegetables and fruit provides the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for healthy skin. Drinking water and reducing solar exposure to a minimum is also beneficial.

Dry Skin Care Tips:

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