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Effective Anti-Aging Skincare Treatment

A good anti-aging treatment regimen can make a huge difference in the appearance of aging facial skin.

Your appearance and your sense of well-being are linked. Every woman wants to look great and feel good about herself. This desire can be fufilled through an effective anti aging treatment regimen, one that will leave you with a clear, radiant, vibrant, and healthy skin.

In our society, skin is a component of one's self esteem, appearance, and attraction. Your skin is the most visible part, the "you" that you show to the world. Like many other parts of your body, the facial skin requires care and attention. The most important thing that you can do to keep your skin healthy, attractive and youthful is to follow an effective anti aging treatment plan.

The first signs of aging usually show up in the face. The face is often the first tell-tale sign of one's age. The skin begins to show signs of aging between 30 and 35. As a woman advances in age, a number of physical changes gradually occur that outwardly affect the appearance of the skin: dryness, buildup of dead skin cells, and hyperpigmentation.

The softness and flexibility of the skin is dependent on its moisture and oil content. As the skin ages, there is a decreased production of oil and perspiration by the sebaceous and sweat glands, respectively. Thus, the skin becomes drier.

Because dry skin is more prone to wrinkling than oily skin, aging skin requires daily moisturizing. A moisturizing cream is essential to any anti aging treatment plan. Daily moisturizing of the skin will make it softer, vibrant, and healthier.

As a woman ages, there is an overall slowdown in the skin renewal process. Aging skin loses the ability to regenerate new youthful skin cells and to shed dead ones. A build-up of dead cells on the surface of the skin can give it a dull and lifeless appearance.

The dead cells are filled with a skin protein called keratin. Excessive deposits of keratin on the skin's surface can make it rough. The skin can take on a sand paper appearance if it is neglected for a long period of time.

An exfoliating cleanser is essential to an anti aging treatment regimen. An exfoliating cleanser can effectively remove the build-up of dead cells from aging skin. After the dead cells are scrubbed from the skin's surface, immediately left under it is a revitalized, radiant, healthier, and a more youtful appearing skin.

In addition, exfoliation is good skin hygiene. An exfoliating cleanser removes impurities and dead cells from the surface of the skin. Periodic exfoliation can greatly improve the appearance of aging skin.

Increased skin pigmentation is also associated with aging. Melanocytes are specialized skin cells that produce a pigment called melanin. As the skin ages, splotching occurs. Splotching is due to an uneven deposition of pigment in the outer skin. The skin is no longer a uniform color when compared to the skin of a young healthy adult.

A skin lightener is essential to an anti aging treatment regimen. A skin lightener smooths out skin tones and splotches. They also improve the clarity and radiance of aging skin.

A skin cream containing vitamin C can effectively reduce the hyperpigmentation associated with aging skin and unify skin color. Vitamin C reduces hyperpigmentation of the skin by decreasing the production of melanin by the melanocytes.

An effective anti-aging treatment plan does not have to be elaborate, expensive or time consuming. A basic anti aging treatment regimen should include an exfoliating cleanser, a moisturizing cream containing an antioxidant vitamin, and a skin lightener.

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