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What's Anti-aging Skin Care

The heat causes dehydration of the skin and it becomes dry, rough and wrinkled. Anti aging skin care is becoming more important than ever before.

The tug of war between the skin and the process of aging has been going on for years, for the fountain of eternal youth has always eluded human beings. As time flits by and we age, the mirror on the wall rudely drives home the truth. Being vulnerable, we resort to anything that can bring back youth. What happens when we age? The answer is simple. The skin is no longer able to retain moisture as it once did and the collagen and elastin fibers, which support the skin, become weaker. Nature takes it toll too and the skin sags, and wrinkles appear. Moisturizers temporarily take care of the wrinkles by lubricating the skin and making it appear smooth, but there is no long-term solution. The sun in spite of being manís best friend is the skinís worst enemy.

In tropical countries, the heat causes dehydration of the skin and it becomes dry, rough and wrinkled. Botox injections have been used to reduce wrinkles on the face, and remove the frown lines on the forehead. Laser Resurfacing is gathering in popularity. As the name suggests, it uses lasers to remove the outer layers of the skin, but the process is not painless. The skinís outer layers are literally peeled away with an alkaline solution and the lines and wrinkles are smoothened. The process has undergone changes and the complications have been minimized greatly.

Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic procedure, which sets right baggy, saggy eyelids. Sun and time having taken its toll, the muscles and tissues around the eyes are weakened and fat accumulates below the eyes. Dermabrasion and chemical peels do alleviate the symptoms of photo damage to some extent, reduces fine lines and improves skin. However, the consequences and side effects associated with it do not make it a very good option. Anti aging skin care is indeed tough on the skin.

There are certain vitamins, which help in making the collagen fiber stronger and also help in reducing the fine wrinkle lines. Vitamin A or Retinol is a good exfoliator and collagen stabilizer. It hastens cell division and removes dead cells very efficiently. Vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acid is an antioxidant, which reduces wrinkles and also stabilizes collagen. Vitamin E improves moisturization, augments smoothness and affords some protection from the sun.

The most important aid in anti aging skin care is the alpha hydroxy acid. They weaken the fibers between the dead cells hastening the process of exfoliation, unblock pores, improve tone and texture of the skin and also take care of fine lines and wrinkles. Even blemishes and sunspots fade rapidly and the skin actually acquires a glow. Topical creams and lotions penetrate the outer skin with more ease. Glycolic acid is perhaps the most popular of alpha hydroxy acids, but it is also responsible for skin irritations. Other acids such as Mandelic acid, malic acid, and lactic acid produce less irritation. Before using alpha hydroxy acid potions, always use a moisturizer. This reduces the speed of penetration and is less irritating to the skin. Copper peptides, which help in tissue building and repair, are also responsible for the production of glycosaminoglycans (commonly referred to as GAGís). This repairs collagen and elastin damage and improves the texture and the appearance of fine wrinkles. Skin rejuvenation techniques are also being used.

Anti aging skin care also means that you have to eat healthy, exercise regularly to see that the nutrients reach the cells. Drink lots of water to remove the toxins. No skin care is complete without this. Decrease the consumption of fats and processed carbohydrates; eat more whole grains and carotenoid rich fruits and vegetables. Use a sunscreen always and if you do have to expose yourself to the wrath of the sun, use sunglasses, and protective clothing.

As we age, the stem cell reserves that we had at birth decrease and along with it the ability to repair wear and tear diminishes. Stem cell therapy, which is in its infant stage, hopes to replace the aging cells with new ones. Of course we will have to wait a long time for this, but if it does happen, prospects for anti aging skin care will increase.



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