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101E Acne Getaway Treatment

101E Acne Getaway Treatment was visibly reduces redness and irritation, and its enhanced bacteria-killing properties help prevent acne from coming back.

Acne is a chronic inflammation of hair-follicle and sebaceous glands. The signs and symptoms:

Blackheads or whiteheads on face, neck shoulders or back
Pimples (zits)
101E Acne Getaway is the most advanced treatment available today for acne. Developed by the world-famous Dr. Zhao, this product has won several international awards.

After washing face with warm water and soap, daub the liniment and massage gently. Apply at least twice daily.

This all natural product is made from the following medicinal plants:

Radix gentianae
Herba drymaria cordata
Cortex dictamni radicis
Fructus kochiae
Herba menthae
Cortex mori radicis
Radix ledebouriellae
Radix angelicae dahuricae
Rhizoma dryopteris crassirhizomae and
Herba speranskia tuberculata

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