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Acne Skin Care for Men

Most men complaint the complicated skin care procedure, so they become lazy to do their skin maintenance just like women. It's important to find a simple, effective and daily anti-acne skin care program for men.

Acne Cleansing

The first step men should follow in a daily skin care routine is to wash their skin once a day using a cleanser that is appropriate for acne skin type. Mild, hypoallergenic cleansers that are fragrance-free are generally good products for men with fair complexions, blonde hair and blue eyes. These cleansers also work well for men with sensitive skin that becomes easily irritated.

Men with oily skin should use more drying acne cleansers, such as those containing alcohol, which dissolves the oil on the skin. Men with oily skin also can use plain soap and water. Conversely, men with dry skin should avoid astringents and any product with alcohol because they easily strip away moisture from the skin.

Skin Moisturizing

Once skin is clean, the next step men should moisturize in order to hydrate the skin. For men, daily moisturizers help maintain a balance between oiliness and dryness and therefore play an important role in keeping skin healthy. However, these moisturizers also should offer sun protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, as well as antioxidants to guard against free radicals in the environment that can age the skin. So All-in-one products are the key to simplifying this step for men.

The men with oily skin do not need the heavy oils found in some moisturizers and should use moisturizers specifically designed for oily skin. Those with sensitive skin should use moisturizers designed for this skin type because they tend to be less abrasive and contain gentler, yet still effective, ingredients.

Topical Retinoid
For most men, it is best to apply a topical retinoid at bedtime to decrease acne and oiliness, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, and help prevent the signs of aging. The daily use of retinoids also may protect again future skin cancers by promoting cell turnover and eliminating pre-cancerous, sun-damaged cells.

The last suggestion for acne skin care is to find out what your skin type is, before you start to work with the proper skin care program, To ask a dermatologist is better.

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