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Winter Skincare Tips from Allure Magazine

Winter is the season when you skin needs extra care. How could you give what your skin exactly needs? Allure magazine has compiled some expert tips on how to keep your skin clean and hydrated in the coming cold winter months.

  1. Get clean: According to Allure ,showers and baths should be limited to 15 minutes with warm water. Any longer or hotter is damaging to the skin. The kind of soap you use this winter could also have adverse effects on your skin. Throw out your bar soap and opt for a body wash that cleans and moisturizer for best results.

  2. Exfoliate: This is a step that a lot of us tend to leave out, but it is absolutely necessary. Dead skin cells need to be shed every two to three days; the method is your choice. Go with a natural fiber loofah or a salt or sugar scrub (I prefer the sugar scrub).

  3. Hydrate: After the cleaning and scrubbing its time to hydrate your winter skin. Did you know you only have three minutes to halt the evaporation of water from the skin? That means you have to act fast. Each time you wash your body, face, and hands moisturizer should be applied. It is best to apply lotion to your body twice a day; once in the morning and again at night.

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