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What Sun Protection Should You Take?

Sun protection is not on the same level for different skin situations and types. Check out if you get the right sun protection or not.

  Skin Type

 Recommended Protection

Photosensitive which means your skin is in certain conditions or skin allergic, or taking medications that cause photosensitivity. You should avoid sun exposure. If you have to be in the sun, cover up as much as possible with clothing and use a broad-spectrum, SPF sunscreen as high as over 30. Try Fake Bake SPF 30 Body Lotion Sunscreen
White, pale, burns easily

 SPF 15 or higher for everyday use. Try Kiehl's Abyssine Lotion SPF 15 Sunscreen 2.5 oz.  SPF 30 or higher for the beach or other all-day use. Try St. Tropez SPF Water Resistant Sunscreen

White, able to tan  SPF 15 or higher
Asian, Hispanic, Indian and fair African-Americans  SPF 15 or higher
Darker-skinned African-Americans Although natural pigmentation provides a good deal of protection against the sun's ultraviolet rays, for prolonged exposure, an SPF 15 or higher should be applied for the beach or other all-day use.

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