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Suncreen Ingredients for Different Sunrays

What ingredients should you look for when you are trying find the right sunscreen? What are ingredients in a broad-spectrum sunscreens?

To Block UV-B: Looking for chemicals including: padimate O, homosalate, octyl methoxycinnamate, benzophenone, octyl salicylate, phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid, and octocrylene

To Block UV-A: Looking for Broad-spectrum sunscreens with chemicals like oxybenzone or avobenzone (Parsol 1789).

To Block Both UV-A & UV-B: Mexoryl is a chemical that block UV-A as well as UV-B due to the broad-spectrum characteristics, which provide very high SPF factors. Physical sunscreens/blocks or organic-chemical-free sunscreens contain titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide, which reflect UV-A and UV-B and are especially useful for people allergic to organic chemical sunscreens.  

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