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Neutrogena Natural After-Sun Treatment

Neutrogena After-Sun Treatment is the first and only after-sun product with the dry skin healing power of Natural Soy. The cooling lotion soothes and revitalizes sun-exposed skin on contact and helps minimize the short-term effects of sun damage. With an exclusive blend of Natural Soy, anti-oxidants and a multi-vitamin complex, the non-sticky lotion minimizes flaking and peeling, and helps reduce the signs of redness and irritation caused by the sun.

Neutrogena Natural After-Sun Treatment Features:

  1. Minimizes the signs of short-term sun damage
  2. Cooling lotion instantly soothes
  3. Heals sun-exposed dry skin
  4. Non-sticky

Customer Reviews for Neutrogena Natural After-Sun Treatment
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How can I purchase this product? Rating: 5.00 - Eileen McKendry from Boston, May 31, 2010
The CVS Pharmacies in Boston do not carry this product. I've heard it is the best. I've tried ordering it on-line & nothing is working--Please tell me HOW to find & order this product. ASAP!
Thank You.
Neurtrogena Natural After-Sun Treatment Rating: 5.00 - Kristi from Montana, July 21, 2007
I love this product! Not only does it soothe my skin, but it reduces the redness of over-exposed skin and decreases the irritation caused by the sun. I have looked for it everywhere and am very disappointed that I can not find it anywhere - except on-line. This is the best after sun care product that I have ever used. I have very fair skin and generally tend to stay in or in the shade, so when the sun's rays reach my skin it can burn quickly. This has saved me several times from days of stinging pain on my face, neck, chest, arms, back and my legs! Fabulous product!

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