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Intelligent Skin Sense Saturation Hydrating Mist

Intelligent Skin Sense Saturation is an antioxidant cocktail that infuses the skin with aromatic oils and vitamins to combat free radical damage.

Guards against the harsh effects of pollution, and keeps skin supple,refreshed and moist throughout the day. Saturation reactivates moisturizer during the day, sets make-up and re-hydrates the skin.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Free of synthetic color and fragrance. pH balanced at 5.5. Paraben Free
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice: Aloe Vera, known as a first-aid plant, is expressed from the leaf of the aloe. From South Africa, this lily-like plant is employed for its supposed softening benefits in skin creams.
  • Macadamia Glycerides: The polyethylene glycol derivative of the mono and diglycerides derived from macadamia nut oil with an average of 16 moles of ethylene oxide.
  • Haslea Ostrearia Extract: A Blue Algae rich in vitamin E, zinc, iron, and copper. It reportedly has a soothing effect on the skin and used in anti-aging products.
  • Arnica Monatana Extract: Perennial herb native to mountainous regions of Europe. Known as an anti-inflammatory with immunostimulant properties that is beneficial in wound healing. Traditionally used in a tincture or salve for external applications to sprains and bruises.
  • Cucumber Extract: Taken from the fruit of the vine and is used as an astringent. Known for its soothing, decongesting and softening properties. Imparts a cool feeling to the skin.
  • Mandarin Orange: Obtained by expression of peel of a ripe mandarin orange. Helps to tone and even the complexion and adds a natural citrus scent to skin preparations.
  • Bergamot Fruit Oil: Used as an aromatic and astringent extract that is expressed from the peel of fresh, nearly ripe fruit. Contains approximately 300 compounds in the oil including terpenes.
  • Grapefruit Oil: Natural astringent oil obtained from the pulp of grapes. Contains monoterpenes, hydrocarbons, limonene and sesquiterpenes. Reported to be a lymphatic stimulant, nourishes the tissue cells, stimulates bile secretion and controls liquid processes in the body. .
  • Lemon (Citrus Medica Limonum) Oil: Obtained from the citrus lemon tree. Essential oil expressed from the fresh peel. Contains essential oils, pectin, organic and amino acids. Celebrated for its toning, cleansing, purifying and brightening properties. Used in oily skin preparations.

To tone: After cleansing, mist the face or apply to cotton.
To set make-up: Mist skin at arms length from face.
Hydration: Mist the skin throughout the day over moisturizer.

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