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5 Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin in Summer

The cool, comfortable spring goes and here comes the hot, humid summer. It's time gals with oily skin get ready to take proper care of their skin to avoid blackheads, acne and other skin problems that will become worse as summer arrives.

Here are 5 useful skin care tips for oily skin in summer:

  1. Use a mild soap instead of cleanser foam to wash your face frequently. Mild soap work effectively to inhibit oil production and it is healthier than cleanser foam. It will leave the face cleaner and fresh looking.
  2. After washing your face, use an astringent solution to shrink pores and reduce oil secretion. This is a very important step that you can miss. The pores are opened when you wash face; imagine what if you forget to shrink it…
  3. Apply a light moisturizer to provide the right moisture. Oily skin needs to be moisturized too!
  4. Avoid using cosmetics containing alcohol, which tends to make skin very dry or cause allergy.
  5. Avoid wearing heavy makeup and when you have to, remove it properly when you get home, eapecially at night. Wearing light make up as possible is recommended.

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