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4 Easy Anti-Wrinkle Tips

Fighting wrinkle doesn't have to be requiring expensive treatments or creams. By following these simple, easy tips everyday, we can help delay and reduce wrinkles. Check out and try now!

1. Drink enough water

We know how important moisturizers are to our skin, but none moisturizer is more important than drinking enough water, especially in the hot summer. Experts advice to drink around 8 cups of water everyday. Water keeps our skin fresh and rich, and of course helps fight wrinkles.

2. Eat healthy

You are what you eat. Exactly. Healthy, young skin start from inside. Eat more spinach and citrus fruits, which helps with the production of collagen that prevents our skin from getting saggy. Avoid eating foods with too much sugar, because sugar accelerates cells to age, making more wrinkles.

3. Sleep right

You must have heard about "beauty sleep", and it is true. But not only you should sleep at the right time for the right hours, to fight wrinkkles, you also should sleep smart: don't sleep on your face or side, or you will find pillow or sheet marks on your face when you wake up. That could turn to wrinkles and make you look older. Always sleep on your back.

4. Wear sunscrean daily

This is the most important thing! Sunscrean is not only needed when you are going to the beach or in hot weather. It should be appllied to your face every morning before you go out of the house. It works great to stop fine lines from developing, and protects you from getting brown age spots.

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