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3 Best Facial Moisturizers I've Tried

I have pretty dry skin so moisturizers are always the most important items in my daily skin care rontine. Having tried so many moisturizers, I've found 3 that are best for me. And I hereby recommend them for each girl with dry skin like me.

1. La Mer Creme for the Face

Does La Mer really work? Definitely for me! And it's the best I've ever used. In only 2 weeks, I feel my skin has become softer, firmer with full moisture, which makes me look younger! Amazing! I also apply over the neck and saw the same fabulous smoothing and moisturizing effect.

2. Chanel's Hydramax

One of my friends who also have dry skin recommended this moisturizer for me. I like how light it is and that it leaves my skin dewy and supple. One small thing is the too strong scent, but it does go away after a few minutes. It's my second favorite.

3. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

I highly recommend this for night time use! It's ultra-rich; not only does it moisturize dry skin but also diminish fine lines and wrinkles. I feel great the next morning when I wake up and see my glowing skin. And it's the cheapest among the three!

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